The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)


3:00 am


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is about a group of five teens that go to visit the grave of a relative to make sure it was untouched in the recent grave robberies. The teens end up stranded in the middle of nowhere and head to the old house of this deceased relative to wait until they can leave. They find that the neighbors are crazy and they now need to do anything to escape.

The movie itself is a pretty good time. It actually had some genuinely scary parts which I’m sure is difficulty to say for a film from 1974 these days. I’d recommend this film to any horror fan. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is totally worth the watch.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre might not be my favorite horror movie of all time, but it is top 5 on my list for sure. Now, when it comes to horror movies for me, I’m a big fan of when some things are laughable, probably because I’m a crazy person that can laugh at stupid teenagers dying. Don’t get me wrong, this movie did have points where it did a good job of conveying fear and horror. I’m sure some of the things I laughed at were terrifying in 1974 but they don’t really hold up.



The opening of this film is actually very eerie, with the flashing of corpses as pictures were being taken of them. This really set the tone of what was to come.

I’m just gonna get this out of the way right now, the fact that you can see Sally’s nipples through her shirt through 90% of the movie is very distracting. It’s like I’m being stared at every time she’s on screen.

One of my favorite parts is right after the teenagers pick up the hitchhiker and he talks about how his preferred way to kill livestock was with a hammer as opposed to newer methods. I knew right then and there that one of these kids was gonna get bonked on the head with a hammer. Should I be excited to see a teenager getting killed with a hammer? Probably not. Was I? You’re damn right I was.

Now, I don’t know how careless people were back in the 70’s, but actually deciding to stay in that run down house in the middle of nowhere was reckless behavior. ESPECIALLY after Franklin found that pile of bones at the front door. I may not be studied up on my witchcraft but that was some kind of hex. I would not be sticking around if I knew someone there had the ability to hex me.

I’d like to now take this time to rate the kills.

Kirk – 10/10 – I wanted to see someone take a bonk on the head and I got just that. Beautiful.

Pam – 8/10 – Everything leading up to her death was good from a film standpoint but she was stupid. The only reason my ranking is so high is because she was hanged up on a meat hook, forced to watch her boyfriend get cut up, then thrown into a meat cooler.

Jerry – 10/10 – Love me a good jump scare into a head bonk.

Franklin – 2/10 – He should have just run away. Wait…

Sally should have died in the chase with Leatherface right after she jumped out the second story window and landed directly on her feet. Both of her legs should have been broken and the movie should have ended right there, I would have been okay with it.

Let’s not forget about how hilarious the scenes featuring the grandpa are. Between him sucking Sally’s finger while she screamed and him not being able to grasp the hammer, I don’t know what I laughed at more.

I also can’t get over how gorgeous Leatherface looked in his dress and makeup. Simply stunning.

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