Dr. No (1962)

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For those of you who know nothing about Dr. No, this section is for you to read before you watch if you still intend to. Dr. No is the first James Bond 007 film. Dr. No is about James Bond, a British secret agent, and his mission to figure out what happened to a man named Strangways and the mystery behind the island of Crab Key and the man named Dr. No.

This movie was a little hard to follow at times and there were some parts that didn’t really matter or play a bigger part in the story.

Dr. No isn’t the most iconic James Bond film, but I feel it is at least worth the watch.



First thing’s first, the title sequence is incredible. Sure, it might not be as cinematic as the later Bond films but this one’s special. It also features the classic James Bond music that everyone is familiar with which I love.

I’m a big fan of the “Three Blind Mice” assassins. The music and the shots of them walking were a decent opening. It actually caught me off guard when they kill Strangways because I legitimately thought those blind men were at the country club to play golf.

There’s something about the Sylvia Trench side story that just feels right. Bond takes all of this woman’s money in a card game, gets a date with her, bangs her on the same night, then she doesn’t show up for the rest of the movie. Makes you really think about how you feel about Bond.

I found that Bond’s entire time in Jamaica outside of Crab Key is pretty unremarkable. The only really memorable parts to me are the ones that were funny in my eyes.

The first one being when the driver that takes Bond from the airport turns out to be a bad guy and Bond kicks his ass. The driver then asks Bond to get a cigarette from his jacket and Bond obliges. The driver takes a big bite out of his cigarette and dies instantly of cancer cyanide.

I can’t forget about the scene where Felix Leiter in first introduced and he walks into the room in women’s sunglasses, I laughed out loud.

The spider scene was also incredible. The villain really relied on the hope that a spider would bite Bond in his sleep in order to kill him only to be foiled by Bond’s super spy shoe beating skills which he squished the spider with.

Bond of course doesn’t stray away from the typical action movie explosions. This one however, was when the “Three Blind Mice” assassins swerved off a cliff. The car doesn’t flip or anything, it just drives down the hill. Half way down, the car turns into a ball of flames and it was hilarious.

The last one, of course, is when Bond finally confronts Dent and asks who Dent is working for. Sure, Dent tries to shoot him, but his gun was empty! Bond kills Dent without getting his answers. Amazing.

I love the way me meet the Bond girl. This just seems like a normal occurrence for James Bond, finding a beautiful woman on an island.

Let me talk about the “dragon” for a second. This thing is incredibly slow. The “dragon” also spotted Bond, Honey, and Quarrel from like 30 yards out. This was the worst part in the movie by far. As it slowly approaches, Bond and Quarrel fire their pistols at it like it’s going to do anything. After this, Quarrel stands still and basically lets the “dragon” tank burn him to death. Quarrel dies, and instead of running, Bond and Honey let themselves get captured. Why? Beats me, dude.

I appreciate the fact that our villain, Dr. No, puts Bond and Honey into a prison that is essentially a five-star hotel. That’s classy. If you’re gonna try to kill someone, at least put them up in a nice room before you do.

Dr. No’s giant green screen fish tank? Amazing.

I don’t know if it was just me, but I found No’s plan confusing to understand. I don’t have much to say about it but I feel like the villain’s plan should be easy to comprehend.

The ending, to me, had two hilarious parts. When Dr. No fell into the boiling water because his stupid fake hands couldn’t grip anything so he could climb out was priceless. It was a great way to kill the villain. The other being the way Honey was chained up. They chained her to the floor in a water inlet in a way that she would have drowned in like 2-3 days. I don’t know if that’s dumb or really evil. Let’s go with dumb for now.

The ending when he releases the tow rope so he can be with Honey is an all time great Bond moment.

Inaugural Bond girl rating: 9.4/10 (Honey Rider)

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