Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

5:00 am


Invasion of the Body Snatchers is about the recounting of a story told by a man, Dr. Miles Bennell, of occurrences happening in his small town as the residents are acting more and more strangely.

There wasn’t much in this film that actually stood out to me as something that was wrong and could have been better. I do watch these movies from a standpoint in which I judge them fairly based on the year they were released. Personally, I think older sci-fi movies are better because they are made with practical effects since it’s all they really had to work with back then.

The plot of the movie was very simple, which to me, made it better. The idea was easy to follow and the story was done very well. I really enjoyed this movie. Granted, I am a fan of early sci-fi films but this is a prime example of why I am. Invasion of the Body Snatchers was great and well worth the watch.



The way they convey the mystery of trying to figure out exactly is going on is incredible. It started with a little boy saying his mom wasn’t really her and they thought he was just crazy. It then spreads further and more people are saying their close ones aren’t really them and they still call them crazy but you know something more is happening. When we see the first duplicate, I’m going to call them Body Snatchers for the rest of this, it was really surprising. You don’t know what to think. When it turns into Jack, it was crazy. I loved it.

These Body Snatchers seem to disappear pretty quickly, I didn’t really see anything wrong with it, just pointing it out that they’re quick buggers.

I’d also like to point out that another Jack clone grew in the green house towards the end of the film. The original Jack clone didn’t die, it just disappeared. This would make 2 Jacks existing at once. (Technically 3, just gimme a sec.)

When Miles and Becky escaped and started to get tired, I really didn’t understand why they didn’t grab more of those pills they used to stay awake earlier to have with them to continue to stay awake. Becky could have survived if they’d grabbed those pills.

Okay. So we all saw the part where Miles kisses Becky as she dozes off and turns into a Body Snatcher. There’s a serious problem with this. The Body Snatcher comes out of the pod and clones the person and activates when they fall asleep. Now there are two possibilities that came from this:

1.) Becky was the clone the entire time.

2.) There are two of everyone in the town. (3 Jacks)

This is the only part I really had a problem with. It didn’t really take away from how good the rest of the movie was, but it was just such a big oversight. All they had to do was have Becky not wake up and then somebody sees Miles, causing them to have the same chase. Such a simple thing would have made this movie damn near impeccable (for 1956).

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