Caddyshack (1980)

4:00 am


Caddyshack is about a golf caddie, Danny Noonan, who is trying to get into college so he can get a better job than being a caddie or working at a lumber yard for the rest of his life. A scholarship for caddies becomes available and Danny works towards getting it. There are also two side stories. The first is centered on the groundskeeper, Carl (played by Bill Murray), and his attempts at killing a groundhog that was destroying the golf course. The second shows what Danny’s friend and semi-mentor, Ty Webb (played by Chevy Chase), gets up to during the time that the movie takes place.

Harold Ramis was an incredible writer and this movie is one of the ones that really proves it. This movie is very quotable and the comedy is great. I’ll give half of that to the writing and the other half to Bill Murray and Chevy Chase’s comedic genius. When one of them was on screen, there was a very good chance I was laughing.

I do really like the way Danny changes through the film, he makes you love him and hate him all through the movie. You understand his motives very well and it works perfectly.

Overall, Caddyshack is a great 80’s movie and it really exemplifies what you can come to expect from a film written by Harold Ramis.



Danny is a relatable guy, we’ve all been in his position where you’re at a dead end job and don’t know what you want to do with your life. I really liked this as I’m a sucker for relatable characters in TV/movies.

I’d also like to mention how overlooked it is that Danny is the worst. One minute he’s banging the judge’s hot niece, the next minute he’s saying he’s going to marry his girlfriend. He’s a total scumbag but I can’t stay mad at good ol’ Danny Noonan.

I could tell I’d love Bill Murray’s role in this movie from the first scene with him cleaning the golf balls and watching the old ladies. It was weird and hilarious. The beginning of something great.

His war with the groundhog is a top notch B-story. It was all great and ended in an incredible way. I got a good kick out of the part when he was loading up the holes made by the groundhog with C4 shaped like tiny woodland creatures and he bit the head off of one and tossed it down the hole. Danny owes everything to the groundskeeper for that explosion that caused him to win the game.

Can we talk about how sweet Al’s gold bag is? I mean, a radio AND a TV packed into that bad boy? Awesome. The remote controlled club dispenser? Awesome. The first scene with it when the little kid tries to pick it up? Really funny. It was a small thing that didn’t play much of a part in the movie but I loved it.

Al can get annoying at points but the way he made the Judge’s life hell made it all worth it.

I could go through and pick apart all the things I liked in this movie but that would make this blog three times longer than it really needs to be. I probably also missed a few things that I wanted to talk about because there was so much to take in.

What did you think? Leave a comment and join the discussion!

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