The Babysitter (2017)

2:00 am


The Babysitter is about a young boy, Cole, trying to see what his babysitter, Bee, does after he goes to sleep. Cole is very surprised with what he finds.

Let’s be real, this is 100% a teen movie. I am a person that really enjoys movies like this, however. This movie is good because it doesn’t try to be good if that makes sense. It’s one of those movies that goes out of its way to be ridiculous and I love it when a movie can pull that off well. I’m a huge fan of the way this movie was shot. The way the scenes are set up and the sound is done very well. When they do have CGI it’s just okay, there isn’t anything too wrong with it. This is one of those movies that you’d throw on when you want something different that’s kind of “so bad it’s good”.



Let’s just start right off with a quick “Why did Cole even get out of the bed?” because just staying in bed after they took his blood would have prevented all of this. Once they took Cole’s blood, they didn’t need him anymore. They obviously weren’t going to kill him because as they said, they needed his blood to do the ritual again. I’m also surprised Cole managed to exert himself that much after he got out of bed and didn’t just pass out immediately. That kid hopped out of bed pretty quick.

I was pretty sure I was in love with Bee before the whole satanic ritual thing. If I’m being honest, I’m still on the fence.

Cole continuing to cut the rope when he is tied up in the living room after they know he is cutting the rope just really struck something with me. Probably my second favorite scene in the movie behind this next one.

The part when Max chases Cole had me laughing pretty hard. The “You missed my dick.”/”No I didn’t.”/”I’m pretty sure you did, and I have a big dick.”/”No you don’t.”/”Now that’s just hurtful.” exchange is what really got me.

Cole driving the car into his house was pretty sweet way to take out the last of the people trying to kill him. That’s all I have to say about that.

Time for my favorite part of horror movies, rating the kills:

Samuel – 7/10 – I’ll give it to him for surviving two knives to the head for a little bit. The fountain of blood gave me a good chuckle.

John – 4/10 – Weak. Dude fell off the bannister and landed in a bad way. He could have survived.

Sonya – 9/10 – Bottle rocket fire ball? Hell yeah. It’s different and it was great.

Max – 6/10 – Similar to John but I gave him an extra two points for being able to fall in such a strange way as to hang himself.

Allison – 10/10 – I’ve been a big fan of a good ol’ gib since Gears of War and a head exploding from a shotgun shell is perfect for me.

Bee – 1/10 – She’s not even technically dead but there’s no way this movie gets a sequel so she’s dead in my book!

They did a thing in the movie where they assemble a five person team of characters to take out a “big bad” and I thought it would be fun to do, I’d take:

Ripley, Predator, Captain Kirk (I’ve only seen TOS so far so this is my best captain), Doctor Manhattan, and the T-1000.

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