When We First Met (2018)

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When We First Met is about a guy, Noah, who meets the girl of his dreams at a Halloween party, Avery, and they hit it off right away. Noah, however, gets stuck in the friend zone and spends the next three years wondering what he did wrong. Noah gets the chance to travel back in time and tries to fix everything.

This movie is just Groundhog Day with a guy stuck in the friend zone BUT…I didn’t hate it. To be fair, I think the main reason I liked the movie is because I like Adam DeVine. Honestly, the only reason I watched it to begin with is because I saw he was in the movie. Out of the few Netflix originals I’ve seen, this one definitely wasn’t the worst. Worth the watch if you’re just looking for a movie to throw on when you have nothing to do and don’t want to pay super close attention to everything that happens.



They tore my theory apart in the movie with the whole “love finds a way” thing but my original thought was “Why is Noah doing all this extra stuff when all he has to do is not eat all of Avery’s cereal?” because he could have prevented her from meeting Ethan at the grocery store with just that simple action. I’m sure the writers also came to that conclusion so they wrote around it.

[This is the spot that would have contained my argument that a Shaq jersey would have made a better fit for Carrie’s Dunkin’ Donut costume than a Kobe one, but after 10 minutes of research, I no longer feel that way.]

This movie was pretty predictable. About half way through, while watching Noah and Carrie’s interactions, I sat back and said to myself “Noah is going to end up with Carrie” and watched on. I was spot on. It was kind of obvious that Noah wasn’t going to be able to turn it around with Avery and I just felt like they couldn’t just have Noah be a sad sack in the end because it would have made the movie pointless, and most movies aren’t pointless. It was either he ended up with Carrie or they have him randomly fall in love with a brand new girl at the end, and I’m glad it was the former. I actually liked Carrie as a character more than Avery. Carrie was way less boring.

I didn’t expect this movie to have a plot twist at all. When Avery said she’d never seen A League of Their Own I was like “Wait a minute.” but then they hit us with the “Avery doesn’t even like jazz.” bomb it blew me away. Noah fell in love with Avery because they talked about those things when they first met but she knew nothing about them! He belonged with Carrie all along! I just realized that this was the whole point of the movie. He didn’t know that it was actually Carrie’s characteristics that he was in love with but eventually figured it out. Love found a way. This movie might be better than I thought. I rate the movie before I write all the extra stuff and I’m not changing the rating with the realization I just had.

I made it through this whole thing without talking about the magic photo booth. All I have to say on the matter is…seriously?

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