Twelve Monkeys (1995)

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Twelve Monkeys is about a man, James Cole, who is sent back from the future to learn about a man-made virus that wiped out most of humanity.

I had no idea what Twelve Monkeys was about going into it. The idea for the plot to me was really cool. Something about the way they set it up so you’re questioning what was really going on throughout the movie really drew me in. I really found Brad Pitt to be incredible in the film, as I’d never seen a version of Brad Pitt quite like the way he portrays Jeffrey Goines. I can’t offer much more in this section on what I really enjoyed about the movie without spoiling anything. Overall, this is a great movie that really showcased Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt very well.



Lemme just start with a quick question. Was I the only one that thought all the butts in the beginning were weird? It was just a surprising amount of asses in the first 30 minutes, only for there to be none for the rest of the film. Just something I thought I’d point out.

I’d never been caught guessing in a movie as much as I was in this one. I was really stuck between trying to figure out if Cole was actually from the future and was sent back or if it was all some kind of dream he was having while he was locked up in the insane asylum. For example, when Cole goes above ground and sees a bear and a lion and later sees the same two animals in window displays at a store. It really clicked for me that he may have been wandering around the city and everything was normal and that he was just imagining those things. I don’t know if it was intended, but the way the shots were set up kind of portrayed this to me as well. Some of the shots were set up in a semi crooked way that gave me the idea that I was seeing into the mind of a crazy man.

Brad Pitt’s portrayal of Jeffrey Goines was amazing. The way he went about delivering the lines and acting up really made you understand just how crazy he was. Jeffrey Goines was honestly my favorite character in the movie. I’m unsure as to whether or not I really liked this performance because it was a new Brad Pitt I was seeing as I mainly only knew him from Inglorious Basterds and Fight Club.

I was a big fan of the way they gave you important information before you knew it was important, like the phone call that Dr. Railly made. When we were presented with it, it was distorted and you couldn’t really piece it together and you didn’t know who it came from. Had you been able to figure out that it was Railly, you’d know that she believes Cole about the Twelve Monkeys. It would have negated an entire section of the movie. The same thing applies to Cole’s memory/dream from the airport. It is kind of distorted at first, you don’t really have all the pieces to the puzzle. The pieces come together over the course of the film and you know what is happening before Cole himself does.

My favorite part of the movie came from what was provided to us with the ending. The scientists from the future knew the release of the virus was inevitable and they weren’t there to change the past, but to learn from it. They knew there was nothing they could do to stop the release, as it was released in their future. I did some research and this is called the Predestination Paradox, which states that the events that have happened will continue to happen. Cole was in the past so he has always been in the past. Just look into it if you want to know more, I just tried to explain it but had to delete what I wrote because it was complex and hurt my tiny brain. The way the scientist was sent back and described her work as “insurance” to the man who releases the virus shows that she was there not to protect the billions that were about to die, as they were already dead, but to help the people who survived.

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