The Babysitter (2017)

2:00 am 6.3/10 The Babysitter is about a young boy, Cole, trying to see what his babysitter, Bee, does after he goes to sleep. Cole is very surprised with what he finds. Let's be real, this is 100% a teen movie. I am a person that really enjoys movies like this, however. This movie is... Continue Reading →

Aliens (1986)

2:00 am 8.3/10 Aliens takes place immediately after the events of Alien (1979), so you should start with that one. Aliens is set 57 years later, in which Ripley is found by a salvage team. Ripley has been in hyper sleep since the events of the first movie. She returns to Earth and learns that... Continue Reading →

Alien (1979)

1:00 am 8.7/10 Alien is about a commercial cargo star ship, the Nostromo, and its crew. They are returning to Earth when they pick up a strange transmission from a nearby planet and are forced by law to investigate. One of the members sent to investigate is attacked by a parasite on the planet, putting... Continue Reading →

The Fly (1958)

1:30 am 8.4/10 For those of you who know nothing about 1958's "The Fly" this section is for you to read before you watch if you still intend to. The Fly is about an investigation into why a woman, Helene, killed her husband, Andre, using a hydraulic press. This is explained, followed by the rest... Continue Reading →

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